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CKC Silo Protect



It is a repellent for rodents and animals generally warm blood. It is dispersible in water emulsion when animals perceive sensory provoked rejection, which drives away. In usual use concentrations it is not toxic for animals or for the user. It has been developed to repel rabbits, armadillos, rodents, rabbits, deer, guinea pigs, bats, birds and other animals that can damage storage bags of grain and forage both pallets as the silo bags. It is also very effective in places like warehouses, stables, warehouses and barns, for which its perimeter spray is recommended in the form of both internal and external surfaces. It has components with fungicide and bactericidal activity, so as further action is obtain plants free of fungi and lichens on their trunks, and that infections are prevented by damage to them.NON Phitotoxic.


1L in 25 L of water to be sprayed between 80/100 meters. It is suggested to add vegetable oil in the spray mixture, this will give more grip on porous surfaces such as the silo bag.


Case with 6 Bottles x 1L each.