A few years ago the company began a process of expansion into new international markets, starting with neighboring countries which demands biologic products of high quality and competitive price.

Our strategy is to promote partnerships with professional teams that allow us to develop our products and the practice of seed treatment with biological products that improve yields and make it a more sustainable agriculture.

In that way LABORATORIOS CKC ARGENTINA S.A. proposes several partnerships with local players to develop and trade our Bio products. Giving to them all the necessary support to make our products be a differential product to increase their offer to the clients.

In the region CKC is doing business with partners in Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia with presence in soybean with inoculants and in Corn, wheat and sorghum markets with Growth promoters. Starting in Brasil with soy inoculants.

Our Expansion plan continues in Africa making registers in Biofertilizants Rhizoflo Premium for Corn, sorghum and wheat crops and inoculants for Peas and alfalfa in Kenya. In short time also enters in South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe markets.